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Morning Aftermath

Life is one long insane trip. Some people just have better directions

A Girl Called Bitch
23 May 1982

Words That Describe Me:
.Daughter.Sister.Lover.Friend.Writer.Artist.Bitch.Tease.Gamer.Sometimes Stoner.Aunt.

.Books.Reading.My Cats.Yarn.Movies.Sex.Family.Music.Purple.

.Closed minds.Liars.Cheats.

My journal is about 99% Friends Only and all comments will be screened on non-friends only posts. If you add me as a friend please leave a comment letting me know who you are.

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80's cartoons, 80's music, alternative music, angels, angst, animals, aqua teen hunger force, art, asylums, back rubs, big gulps, black eyeliner, black light, body art, body massages, body mods, books, boots, candy, cats, chaos, chocolate, clothes, coffee, comfy beds, computers, cooking, crochet, dancing, dark red lipstick, decorating, dirty dancing, donnie darko, dragons, drawing, drinking games, energy drinks, fairies, family, fashion, fetishes, fire, freedom of speech, freelance, friends, geek, ghosts, glitter, goth, green tea, grey's anatomy, hackers, hair dye, harvey birdman, henry rollins, him, house, insomnia, italian, jane's addiction, jay, jello, johnny depp, jolt cola, jonathan rhys meyers, jonne aaron, jussi 69, kevin smith, kinky sex, knitting, kool aid, late night drives, latex, leonard cohen, literature, mad season, making movies, mcchris, mighty boosh, morrissey, movies, mp3s, music, nailpolish, negative, neon, nerdcore, nin, nirvana, noel fielding, painting, paranormal activity, peircings, phantom of the opera, photography, pin ups, platforms, poetry, poker, porno for pyros, pot, punk, punk boys, punk covers, purple, rain, reading, red wine, road trips, romance, roses, rubber, russell brand, sage francis, scary movies, sewing, sex, shopping, silent bob, silk, singing, sketching, sleep, sons of anarchy, tank girl, tattoos, techno, the crow, the cure, the smiths, thunderstorms, trance, vampires, velvet, velvet goldmine, video games, ville valo, vintage, vinyl, vodka, walks, wild kinky sex, writing, yoga